The Fictional Factions Of Fallout: New Vegas

War never changes, but the players definitely do. Which of Fallout: New Vega's three factions will you cast your lot with?

I'm leaning towards Mr House because of my deep love of any name that combines Mr with an ordinary object, such as Mr House, Mr Hat, Mr Fork or Mr Rotary Engine.

Then again, the New California Republic has a bear on its flag, and I really like bears.

Good thing there's no Mr Bear faction.


    I like how they said there aren't good guys and bad guys, but then have a slaver faction. Um...

    But anyway, I wonder if it'll actually work. I have the feeling that just like every other game with factions, it won't really matter. If you are working for a certain faction but then find they do something reprehensible so you quit working for them, the only effect will be that you've got uncompleted quests, you won't get to justify the morality of it...

      I remember in Arcanum there were two gang factions in the main city. I did not really care too much about the quests so I just slaughtered everyone in both gangs early in the game.
      Unfortunately I missed one of the gangs bosses for some reason so when I finished the game I was told they came into undisputed power and subsequently raped, pillaged and murdered the whole city before burning it to the ground.

      Though I guess that is more a lesson on being thorough in your massacres rather than faction management.

    The slaver gangs are actually sort of half good half bad. They united all the small factions fighting themselves to death, bringing 'special' education, homes, etc.

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