The First 27 Downloadable Def Jam Rapstar Tracks

The First 27 Downloadable Def Jam Rapstar Tracks

Def Jam Rapstar, like most modern music games, has downloadable songs. Def Jam Rapstar, unlike any other modern music game, lets you download Paid in Full or Passin' Me By. Rap classic, $US2 a pop. Here's the official list:

That's the DLC for the year's only rap karaoke game that has been issued since launch earlier this month. There are some greats in there. You can rap to them (or butcher them as some do) - or rap over the extra freestyles offered.

While Rock Band has been able to establish a regular pattern for music downloads, the Rapstar folks are not yet committing to a consistent release pattern. In a press release they simply promise more tracks coming "in the weeks and months ahead".

The downloadable songs, each sold for $US2 are only available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Wii gamers will have to stick to the wide array of hits that ship on the game disc.

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