The First Round Of Crysis 2 Multiplayer Testing Is Xbox Only

The first round of invitations to the Crysis 2 closed multiplayer beta test are going out, indicating that this first session is a strictly Xbox 360 affair.

Back in June EA told customers the first round of multiplayer beta tokens would be offered to folks who signed up at the game's community site. Now those invites are going out, but PlayStation 3 and PC players need not apply.

No, for this early round of tech testing requires an Xbox 360 and an Xbox Live gold account.

Reader JollyClogger sends along this image of the invitation. Sadly, Jolly no longer owns an Xbox 360, so he won't be participating in this initial phase.

Hopefully developer Crytek and EA will expand to include other platforms as the testing progresses.


    got my beta invite...... should be fun and interesting... hope they can get it running unlike the MOH beta...

    The fear that this will be a repeat of the Borderlands crap is getting stronger. A traditionally PC company jumping ship to consoles for the money and rewarding their older customers' loyalty with a shoddy, half finished PC version.

    Man, I hope I'm being paranoid.

      Well, acording to Crytek it's all your own fault for being a dirty, dirty pirate.

      no thats what happens, it happened with COD and BF and now its happening to Crysis. I liked the first one, was fun for a tech demo and some how i reckon Crysis 1 on maxed out PC will look better than Crysis 2 maxed out.

      PC gamers always get the crap end of the deal (except valve they treat us properly)

        hey ID haven't jumped ship as far as i know

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