The Future Of PC Game Graphics, Today

This is a new demo for 3DMark 11, the latest version of the venerable PC graphics benchmarking tool. It's basically showing what a PC game running DirectX 11 at full settings would look like. In your dreams.

Futuremark, the creators of the tool, say the demo makes use of all the latest bells and whistles available to PC developers, including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading.

Which is all well and good for technophiles, but for me, I just like how pretty it looks. Especially the lighting, which looks so warm and inviting that I'd put a spoonful of it in my tea before bedtime.

Practically nobody at a consumer level will get these kind of results today, of course, but a demo like this does give you a good taste of where things will be in, say, 12-24 months time.

It's the second demo we've seen from Futuremark over the past few months; to check out the underwater clip, head over here.


    If FutureMark made a game, I would buy it in an instant. They are just TOO good!

    I can't wait for the next gen of games... it's going to be AWESOME! :D

      Where -have- you been?

      They did make a game, Shattered Horizon it was a space FPS. I think it was steam only? Appaently it was OK

    Id like to see and current gen conslols pull this off

    I dont know how these tests are meant to be "so damn hard to run"

    My rig can run these benchmarks fine, without dropping below 45fps, that underwater level is a tad trickier,

    i guess thats what 31,450 3d marks gets you these days.

    Pretty nice stuff--one interesting thing I noticed is that they put the lens flare in (the weird series of red/yellow shapes that follow the sun around). We don't see lens flares with our eyes, only when a camera is used, which theoretically, a game character wouldn't be using. Right? Like if you're in an FPS you're seeing through that character's eyes, not through a camera.

    Anyway, I'd have to once again point out Uncharted 2 and how impressive its graphics are/were for anyone who doubts the capacity of the 'current gen' consoles (though pretty clearly the PS3 has some untapped resources under the hood).

      for a FPS game sure, that video wasn't from the perspective of a person though, it was a camera making completely smooth controlled movements.

      Plus they look pretty.

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