The Last Story's New Trailer

This is the latest trailer for The Last Story, an upcoming role-playing game for the Wii from the creator of the Final Fantasy series.

I watch this trailer, and I think... the Wii could really have done with this in, say, 2007 or 2008. Something with polish, in a genre that hasn't been that well-represented on the console. Ah well. Better late than never!

The Last Story will be out on the Wii in Japan in January 2011.


    I cannot WAIT for this game. It's the main reason I haven't just consigned my Wii to my daughter's room yet.
    <3 Mistwalker for making games with heart and soul.

    Well it certainly looks cool, but these days you simply CANNOT judge a JRPG solely on its cutscenes. After all, even Final Fantasy XIII looked amazing from the trailers and we all know how that turned out.

    Besides, I'm still waiting for Xenoblade. Where the hell is it already?!

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