The Medal Of Honor PC Open Beta Is Go

Care for a first-hand look at how the PC version of EA's Medal of honour multiplayer stacks up to Call of Duty? Three days of free multiplayer play is now underway. Did renaming the Taliban make a difference?

The Coalition forces battle the Opposing Force across two multiplayer maps in the Medal of Honor PC open beta, now available for download wherever fine PC games can be downloaded.

The beta features two maps based on real-world locations - Shaikot Mountains and Kunar Base. On Shaikot, the Coalition will need to complete five objectives while the Opposing Force, or OPFOR, try and stop them. At the Kunar Base, both sides will struggle over control of various objectives.

The open beta kicked off last night, and players only have until 11.59pm Pacific on October 7 to play, so if you're trying to figure out if you're picking the game up when it hits North America on October 12, now would be a good time.


    I said this before, it really sucked trying to play on the first day - being disconnected from EA servers every 5 minutes is really annoying.

    I played it last night, they have fixed a tonne of bugs from the closed beta, the server list though for me was bugged.

    It searched for all the servers with no filters on and would show nothing for a very VERY long time, then after 20 or so minutes (i was working on another pc glancing over every so often) the server list popped up.

    So any other user it would just seem like there were not servers I only found it by accident cause I wasn't waiting for the server list I was off on another PC.

    Gameplay wise, it feels like it did before just with less bugs!

    i didnt think it was too bad. the graphics arnt as good as bad company 2, theres some in-balance especially for the taliban weapons but its still fun. its very fast and frantic.

    quite enjoyed it and saw a significant difference with the lack of bugs, except for steam crashing when i was on a 10 killstreak, which really ticked me off. It's effectively a cross between BC2 and MW2 which was easy to get into.

    Oh only problem i have at the moment is the grenades, they dont fly far or have a long timer, not to mention smoke comes out of it it looks like a smoke grenade :|

    It's like Battlefield meets COD...but not as good as either one.

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