The New Chu Chu Rocket Looks Alright, I Guess

Sega is on a Dreamcast revival kick, re-releasing some of the console's greatest games, like Crazy Taxi and Space Channel 5, for current generation consoles. It also has this, a port of Chu Chu Rocket in the works for iPhone.

We recently got hands-on impressions of Chu Chu Rocket played on an iPad, but didn't have gameplay video to go along with it. Thanks to Sega, now we do.

The iOS version of Chu Chu Rocket, out later this month, supports wireless multiplayer as well as support for four players on a single iPad. Kotaku's Stephen Totilo says Chu Chu Rocket "controlled superbly on the iPad, as if it was conceived for the system," which is certainly good news.

Also good news, I've embedded the best Chu Chu Rocket commercial ever in this post. You're welcome!


    I think you need a better editor, pretty sure you meant to just say "the best commercial ever".

    While having it on the iPhone is nice, I'm still wondering where the XBLA/PSN version is. It'd just work so damm well.

    i loved the dc version, but this, ... it seems, umm .. fugly

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