The New Face Of EVE Online

EVE Online's character generation is getting a much-needed facelift in next month's Incursion expansion, paving the way for players to eventually get out of their ships and walk around. So far the paving looks quite fetching, doesn't it?

The Incarna expansion that sees players exiting their spaceships and walking about on space stations isn't due out until next Summer, but players will be able to get themselves ready for it next month with Incursion's updated character creation tool. Every race, bloodline, and gender will be getting new looks come November, and while the change is mandatory, I doubt players will complain too much about looking this pretty.

Players will remain torsos for the time being, but again - very attractive torsos.

Those of you unfamiliar with EVE Online can check out the before and after pic below for reference.

The original look was created using tons of sliders. The new character creator allows players to grab portions of their portrait and stretch them, giving them a feeling of actually sculpting their avatar.

Players wanting a sneak peek at the new character creator can find it on the EVE Online Singularity test server.

introducing our new character creator [EVE Online]


    So the new one doesn't have a velociraptor creeping up behind her. That's a good start

    I was wondering what Sinaed OÇonnor was doing with herself these days..

    I was looking at some of these the other day, they truly are a leap forward in portrait design.

    As a long-term player of EVE online, i don't care about this feature in the slightest. It doesn't bring anything to the gameplay at all and is just another example of CCP failing to devote developer resources to existing problems and underdeveloped features.

      Agreed, I do wish they would hurry up and solve the massive lag during blob fleet fights.

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