The Next Gundam Beat 'Em Up Now Looks Like A Cartoon

Namco Bandai's next game built on the success of its Dynasty Warriors series and the Gundam franchise drops the series previous look for something more anime-inspired. This is what Gundam Musou 3 will look like.

The series that many of us know as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is getting a cel-shaded sprucing up for the third entry in the giant mech beat 'em up series. Let's hope the gameplay gets a spit shine too. Lots and lots of images in the gallery showcase Gundam Musou 3's more colourful look.


    Now i have never watched an episode of Gundam, nor have i ever played the games... Personally i've been hanging out for someone to release a damn Evangellion or Bubblegum Crisis game.

    BUT... for a game based on an anime featuring mechs, this looks damn spic! I love the look of it and may just have to have a look at this one upon release!

    Can't wait for this, the second game stole about 160 hours of my life and i'm pretty sure it is going to be no different with this one!

    This is going to take up a large chunk of my time when it gets released, until Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs gets released

    Hope they bother leaving in the Japanese voice this time. I skipped the second game because they left it out...

    I have to admit I was put off somewhat by the others in the series but this cel-shaded look is just awesome!! Well done Namco Bandai!

    There is an Eva game. It never got released in Australia i think it was for N64 or PS1 a fighting game called Girlfriend of Steel

    I do not care if they have Japanese or English voice overs for this game. No offense to those that give a damn.

    If you really like Gundam then you will get this game. Simple. I have the first two and loved them both. Dynasty Warriors and Gundam. What a wonderful mix.

    Now if you will excuse me, I am off to build my Real Grade RX78-2. And yes, it is awesome. Oh and yes, I am a big nerd.

    I never got any of the Gundam games as I thought they would be as bland and repetitive as the rest Dynasty Warriors series. There is a lot of fun to be had in tearing through dozens of enemies but I didn't find much else to interest me in the games.

    However I do really like the look of this, I think cell-shading for anime games really works well, and it sounds like a lot of people have enjoyed these games, so are they any better than the other Dynasty Warriors games?

    This looks fantastic. So now I can shut off the part of my brain which is thinking about how implausible it is to have these humongous (and I'm sure, very expensive) giant mech suits running in single file to essentially be cannon fodder for the player character.

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