The Nintendo Download: $US8 Artsy Game Vs $US2 Flashlight

Bit.Trip Fate might be another game in a musically and graphically inventive series. Flashlight is a flashlight. Bit.Trip Fate might be fun. Flashlight might save your life (according to the official product description). Decision time, NIntendo download consumers!

Our Mike Fahey usually chronicles the Monday releases brought to Nintendo systems by the ever-unusual collection of studios making downloadable stuffs for the Wii and DS. He can't do it today.

His loss.

He misses the day the DS gets its torch app for $US2.

He also misses the release of Bit.Trip Fate, a few other games and a Wii planetarium that shows stars whose positions are only four months out of date.

Sorry, Fahey! I got this.

WiiWare BIT.TRIP FATE Publisher: Aksys Games Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Fantasy Violence Price: 800 Wii Points Description: BIT.TRIP FATE is an on-rails side-scrolling shoot-'em-up that finds CommanderVideo riding the vibe to discover his fate. CommanderVideo will need a little help from the friends he made in BIT.TRIP RUNNER to thwart the Mingrawn Timbletot, who has mutated the world into an ugly technological nightmare. Join forces with the Junior Melchkin, CommandgirlVideo and others to increase CommanderVideo's power and save the world. Whether you play in single-player mode or team up with a co-pilot, you'll need a steady hand to navigate the vibe and aim your blasters at the twisted souls out to destroy you.

WiiWare My Planetarium Publisher: Hudson Entertainment Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Alcohol Reference, Violent References Price: 500 Wii Points Description: My Planetarium is a game that allows you to observe celestial bodies from the comfort of your living room using the Wii Remote controller. Choose from three main modes. Observation Mode contains approximately 20,000 celestial objects up to stars of the 7th magnitude. Changeable settings include the ability to display the latitude and longitude of constellations and choose how fast time elapses. In Planetarium Mode, you can take 11 different tours that cover subjects such as stars, nebulae, constellations and other celestial objects. The Celestial Guidebook contains detailed information and mythology on celestial objects and constellations as well as a helpful glossary of astronomy terms used in observation. Enjoy a deep look into the stars and mysterious objects that fill the night sky. (Information on celestial objects is up-to-date as of June 2010.)

Nintendo DSiWare Go! Go! Island Rescue! Publisher: Connect2Media Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Comic Mischief, Tobacco Reference Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™ Description: This is the worst holiday ever! The hotels are collapsing, the robot waiters are going berserk and the picturesque volcanoes are exploding. You'll be lucky to make it out alive, let alone get a suntan. It's time to scramble the Rescue Squad! Take control of a squad of brave firefighters who must save the hapless Darwins from all manner of disasters, including fire, floods and rampaging robots. To do this, you must throw the Darwins around the levels until they reach a fire exit. Luckily, some of the Darwins bounce, so don't worry too much if you drop some of them. And you can always rewind time in case of any fatal accidents. With more than 50 levels of unique, laugh-out-loud game play spread across four colourful zones, panic rooms and bonus levels, Go! Go! Island Rescue! will have you smiling for hours.

Nintendo DSiWare Spot the Difference Publisher: Enjoy Gaming Players: 1-6 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points Description: Photos are displayed on both screens. You must select the areas on the bottom screen where you see a difference and find all differences in a limited amount of time. If you manage to discover the differences within the time limit, you'll be rewarded with Cups according to your performance. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups to be won. The game features 160 different photos from established photographers, with more than 1000 combinations of differences to find in the images. Choose between one-player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode is a turn-based mode in which each player must spot the differences in the same image.

Nintendo DSiWare GO Series Defense Wars Publisher: Gamebridge Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Mild Cartoon Violence Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points Description: Defend your base by taking control of a mini-arsenal of weapons and fighting off wave after wave of enemy attackers. Use the stylus to fire bullets and bombs at oncoming enemies. Arm your base with guns, cannons and tanks in preparation for the onslaught, then attack with everything you've got. Your mission is to survive. Good luck!

Nintendo DSiWare Flashlight Publisher: Kaasa Players: 1 ESRB Rating: Not Rated Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points Description: When it's dark, people need a simple source of light. Flashlight changes the dual screens of your Nintendo DSi system into a flashlight with added features. You can change the colour and the intensity of the light. Use your Nintendo DSi system to read under a blanket or to get a serious source of light while taking night hikes. Flashlight could also be helpful in other situations, such as using the warning light when your car has broken down.


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