The PlayStation 3 Is Prepared To Pillage Your Facebook Profile

Imagine seeing your Facebook friends' pictures on wanted posters in Red Dead Redemption, or plastered across billboards in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. A recent Facebook integration update for the PlayStation 3 could make such features a reality.

The 3.50 PlayStation 3 firmware update enabled 3D Blu-ray movie playback, but it also opened up a whole new level of connectivity between Facebook and Sony's console. Previously the PS3 could connect to Facebook enough to allow you to post messages or browse and edit your photos. Now the console has access to everything in your Facebook profile, should you let it.

"We've pretty much opened up the entire Facebook API to our game developers," says Eric Lempel, Sony Computer Entertainment's vice president of network operations. "They're able to pull any piece of information from Facebook, as well as push information out to Facebook."

Armed with such tools, developers could create PlayStation 3 games that connect to Facebook more intimately than any other console.

Your photos can be integrated into games. Your friends and family's names and likenesses would be available for everything from naming random non-player characters in a role-playing game to having their faces mapped onto opponents in a fighting game.

The changes also mean integrating Facebook applications with PlayStation 3 games is easier than ever before.

Sony expects titles utilising this new level of integration with Facebook to come out by the end of the year.

Facebook And PlayStation Take Their Friendship To The Next Level [Forbes]


    Cool, this will save me from having to send snail mail to game developers full of personal information, now the console can just do it for me...

    Maybe I'm behind the times, but I can't see how this integration could possibly enhance my gaming experience enough to justify giving game developers access to my facebook.

      Spot on mate.

      I also think that the tech t map a NPC's face to a pic taken off my profile, would have to be automated and WTF benefit does this have for me.

      Yeah can't wait to turn this off. Also I don't use FB that much at all, but can't help to think that this has potential to end up costing developers a large amount of money to integrate these type of features correctly that would have otherwise been spent on game design or gameplay???

    Nobody in the world needs to know my real name.

      Is it... Luis?

    The idea to pull information from facebook is interesting but I would want that traffic to be one way. I don't want to be spamming friends withs status updates about my love for games like Record of Agarest War or the upcoming Catherine!

    I saw that feature in the release notes. I also noticed that it was disabled by default after installing the firmware update (even though I'd previously linked my Facebook account to my PSN account).

    The release notes state that it only exposes publicly available information, so presumably it won't expose any information that you weren't already publishing to the world.

    I don't like all the game integration with facebook etc, I don't trust it. I mean, I can see GH: Warriors of Rock wants to link to my facebook and twitter, but what will it do with it? Will it make a post about every single song I play? That'll annoy all my friends and clog up my list. There's just not enough information given about what sort of things they want to do.

    LOL at everyone posting above worrying about game devs getting their FB info, you have a facebook account, more terrible forces already have your information, playstation, activision, EA etc etc etc are the least of anybodies worries when it comes to privacy and facebook

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