The Real Reason Reach Fell

While the rest of Noble Team were desperately trying to save the planet Reach from the Covenant, DJ Tubby Noble Six snuck off to check out the New Alexandria club scene.

DJ Hero 2 hits stores today, and Xbox 360 owners can forego the premade DJ characters in favour of using their Xbox avatars instead, which can lead to all sorts of interesting scenarios.

The depressing thing? DJ Tubby Noble Six is closer to my body type than any of the DJs included in DJ Hero 2, right down to the sausage fingers.

Look for our full DJ Hero 2 review later this week.


    I always use my ODST armour-clad avatar in GH, it looks quite rad.

    I believe Daft Punk is all over this style since 9:09 a.m. on September 9, 1999.

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