The Real Soldiers Who Lent A Hand On Medal Of Honor

Here's another reason EA ditched the "Taliban" from Medal of Honor's multiplayer: If the publisher had lost US Army support for the game, they'd never have been able to run this ad!

It doesn't do much for us as a game trailer, but for the average consumer watching it (it's a TV spot), it'll surely make some kind of impact; after all, it's not often you see this kind of serious, real-world tone taken with a video game.

Some may think it's a little heavy-handed blurring out their faces, but considering the game is based on a conflict still very much going on today, it would have been worse showing a bunch of actual soldiers' faces effectively endorsing a piece of entertainment.


    Maybe he was special forces - then you really should blur their faces.

      Yeah says at the start they're all US Special Operations.

      And the fact that some or all may be in or go back to Current Theaters of really do need to follow these procedures.

      The enemy has the internet too :P

    Standard operational security demands any active military personnel to be obscured in photos/videos.

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