The Sound Of The Fury Of NBA 2K11

This four-minute compilation of audio highlights within NBA 2K11 doesn't skimp on the video, either. You can catch Michael Jordan in action versus Dominique Wilkins - with signature dunk styles for both.

Don't overlook the contextualised commentary either - both for the Association mode and in NBA Today, where Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg and Doris Burke will react to developments within the season you're playing or the one taking place in real life.

The arena-specific audio - in horns, chants, crowd taunts and PA selections - adds more than just architecture to giving each of the league's 30 venues their own look and feel.

The hype train comes to a stop on Tuesday, when NBA 2K11 arrives.


    i havent even played NBA2K10 that much but 2K11 seems to be very good.... should i get 2K11....

      I wouldn't worry, 2K10 was a huge step backwards for the franchise. They focused too much on game modes and presentation but the gameplay was gimped and glitched.

      The demo of 2K11 has relieved fears in me a bit. The gameplay was noticeably alot more solid even in just the 5 minutes.

      But basketball games are one of those things where the longer you play, the more issues you notice. I'm the type who does full 12 minute quarters, and I ended up hating 2K10, which was a shame cos I loved 2K7-9.

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