The State Of The 3D Gaming Market In 2011?

Microsoft's Phil Spencer explains in one sentence why the Xbox isn't exactly embracing 3D technology at the moment. Via CNN.


    He likes the DS because it isn't directly competing with any of his company's products.


        More like ever. They haven't worked out an equivalent of a RROD they can implement into a handheld.

          Fanboy detected.

          There is competition between phone based gaming and traditional hand helds, so you could argue that Windows Phone 7 is a competitor.

    You here these wise works from the people that thought hd-dvd would conquer blu-ray

      I think you could draw some parallels with the competing technologies of hd-dvd and bluray to the 3D technology's of having to wear glasses or not. At the moment it could still go either way, but in this instance if the system of not wearing glasses is put into TVs and for an affordable price it will demolish the 3D tv's that do require them

        I don't think it's a case of 3D-with-glasses competing with 3D-without-glasses. One is an interim step on the way to the other. Once it becomes both technically and economically feasible to do it without glasses then clearly the version with glasses will disappear. But it's going to be a few years before that happens, so in the meantime 3D with glasses is a viable option for those who want 3D at home.

        It's only feasible on the 3DS because (a) it's very small and (b) they know that there's only a very small range of viewing distances/angles that they need to worry about. Neither of these is true for home TV use.

        3D-with-glasses is an evolutionary step along the road to something better. HD-DVD was an evolutionary dead end that went nowhere.

      and it may well have - if some of the big studios hadn't dropped it.

    You hear these wise words from the people that thought hd-dvd would conquer blu-ray

      Hey man, that's not really their fault. It's impossible to tell with these things.

      Sony may have won this round with Blu-ray, but they lost the previous format war with betamax.

        and Minidisk.

        and Memory Stick...

        and UMD.....

    Gotta agree with him here, despite what you might be able to read into the comment.

    The Doctor he ain't.

    Yes because an extra piece of perspex that sits 2mm in front of an LCD screen is going to give you the same 3D sensation as those with glasses.

    Quick someone give him a 10million dollar bonus for being smart.

      There is no reason the 3DS won't give you the same 3D effect as a glasses based 3DTV.

      The main difference between the systems is that the image from the 3DS can only be viewed from one location. From any other location, you won't get proper separation between the two images.

      This drawback is not much of a problem for a hand held, since there is only one viewer, and they can easily move the device around for optimum viewing.

      Compare this with multiple people sitting on a couch watching a TV: you want the image to be viewable for all people.

    Microsoft are slow adopters to technology. But they know how to play catch up really well.

    Agree with him.

    The fact that 3D televisions at the moment:

    -Are expensive

    -Have very little content

    -Require expensive glasses for each veiwer

    -Don't even look that great

    Is a HUGE deterrent for myself and many others. Isn't it microsoft themselves who keep ragging on that only 40% of their users have HDTV's? The percentage that have 3D TV's has got to be even smaller. Why spend so much money developing for such a small percentage? It's stunts like this that cause sony to sell at a loss.

      While not a fan of 3D TV in its current form myself, I'd actually regard the relatively low percentage of HDTV users as a positive for 3D. Simply because those people still on old SDTVs are more likely to upgrade in the near future than somebody who already has an HDTV. I bought an HDTV 3 years ago and am not even considering buying a new TV anytime in the next 5 years or so unless this one dies.

      But somebody who currently doesn't have an HDTV would be more likely to purchase one in the near future, and with the 3D option rapidly getting cheaper, those people without HDTVs are more likely to pay a little extra for 3D than people who already have an HDTV who won't want to fork out a couple thousand bucks to basically get what they've already got with 3D thrown in.

    Everytime I try and watch something in 3D I feel like barfing, and have a headache for about 2 hours afterwards. Not a good thing and put me off buying a 3D TV. I'll stick to HD thanks :-D

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