The Trophy List And Soundtrack For Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

The 51 Trophies For Need for Speed; Hot Pursuit have been revealed, which mean 50 achievements for the upcoming racer's Xbox 360 version. Most of these cover in-game acts but a few require you to explore its social networking component.

You can also get a look at the game's soundtrack here.


• Settling the Score

Select a Friend Autolog Recommendation and beat it • Graffiti

Create a ‘New Post' or ‘Write a Reply' on the Wall

• Share the Dream

Share a Dreamshot to the Wall

• Socialite - Have 5 or more NFS Friends

• Gotcha! - Bust a Racer

• Officer - Reach rank (3) Officer as a Cop

• Patrolman

Reach rank (5) Patrolman as a Cop

• Trooper

Reach rank (8) Trooper as a Cop

• Sergeant

Reach rank (11) Sergeant as a Cop

• Lieutenant

Reach rank (14) Lieutenant as a Cop

• Undercover

Reach rank (17) Undercover as a Cop

• Captain

Reach rank (18) Captain as a Cop

• Pursuit Agent

Reach rank (19) Pursuit Agent as a Cop

• Chase

Play 10 Online Hot Pursuits as a Cop

• Bounty Hunter

Play 10 Online Interceptors as a Cop

• Vengeance is Mine

Wreck a Cop

• Suspect

Reach wanted level (2) Suspect as a Racer

• Target

Reach wanted level (4) Target as a Racer

• Felon

Reach wanted level (6) Felon as a Racer

• Offender

Reach wanted level (8) Offender as a Racer

• Outlaw

Reach wanted level (11) Outlaw as a Racer

• Wanted

Reach wanted level (14) Wanted as a Racer

• Fugitive

Reach wanted level (17) Fugitive as a Racer

• Notorious

Reach wanted level (19) Notorious as a Racer

• Festival of Speed

Play 10 Online Races

• Race

Play 10 Online Hot Pursuits as a Racer

• Escapologist

Play 10 Online Interceptors as a Racer

• Burnout

Fill the Nitrous bar then use it all in one go without hitting anything

• Wall of Steel

Deploy a Road Block which then gets hit by a Racer

• Shock to the System

Get a hit with an EMP

• Hit Confirmed

Get a hit with a Spike Strip

• Aerial Assistance

Call in a helicopter which then hits a Racer with a Spike Strip

• Denied

First Jammer use that affects a Cop

• In the Zone

Use a full Turbo without hitting anything

• Eye of the Needle

As a Racer, drive through an undamaged Road Block without hitting it

• Share the Joy

Dreamshot a BMW and share it with your Friends

• Shaken, Not Stirred

Win any Hot Pursuit in an Aston Martin

• Wet in the Vette

Drive any Corvette in the wet


• Ultimate Enforcer

Reach rank (20) Ultimate Enforcer as a Cop

• Most Wanted

Reach wanted level (20) Most Wanted as a Racer

• Power Spike

Spike strip a car that is targeting you with an EMP

• Imprezive

Accumulate 2,000 yds of drift in a single event using the Subaru Impreza WRX STI

• Flight of the Bumblebee

Win the ‘Muscle Reflex' race in a Bee Yellow Chevrolet Camaro SS

• Godzilla

Get any medal in ‘Run to the Hills' driving the Nissan GT-R SpecV without using any weapons

• Iron Man

Get Distinction in a Hot Pursuit, Interceptor and Rapid Response using the Audi R8

• Electrically Charged

Bust the 918 Spyder using an EMP in ‘Porsche Patrol'

• Snakebite in Black

Spike a cop while driving a Black Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR or Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake

• Midnight Cowboy

Dreamshot a Midnight Blue Metallic Ford GT at night in the desert


• True Blue

Earn a Distinction in every single-player Cop mission

• Golddigger

Earn a Gold Medal in every single-player Racer event


• NFS Hot Pursuit Elite

Awarded for successfully collection all Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit trophies

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Trophies [Gamerzine, thanks twinturbo2]


    That's one horrible looking soundtrack...

    I'm glad the online ones are "do x amount of races" and not "win x amount of races". Participation is more important than skill in multiplayer for people without leet headshotting skillz like me...

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