The Uncharted Movie Has A Director (Again)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is officially coming to the big screen under the direction of David O. Russell, who has reportedly signed a deal to write and direct an adaptation of the PlayStation 3 action adventure.

The Hollywood Reporter says Russell is back on the Uncharted movie for Columbia Pictures after being attached early on, then reportedly dropping out of consideration. That back and forth status seems inline with Russell's sometimes combative history, which we hope doesn't affect Uncharted's journey to theatres.

Russell is perhaps best known for his films Three Kings, Flirting With Disaster and I ♥ Huckabees. His next project, The Fighter, is slated to hit cinemas this year, starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.

David O. Russell to direct 'Uncharted' [THR]


    christian bale? kill me now.

    David O Russell is a hack. A talentless director with a completely juvenile attitude to film-making that puts professionals to shame.

    If they just gave it to Uwe Boll, it'd get made. In 3 weeks. That'd show Hollywood! :P

      "If they just gave it to Uwe Boll, it’d get made. In 3 weeks."

      And in 15 seconds, everyone in the world will wish it was never made.

    I don't care who the director is, as long as Drake is played by Nathan Fillion.

      You might be out of luck there, they will probably want a younger person to play Drake.

      I won't be complaining if you are right though.

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