The $US15,000 Space Battle

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game that is best known for its in-game politics. Which is a shame, when it could be best known for its epic space battles.

The attacks in this clip culminated in the destruction of ships worth 300 billion of EVE's in-game currency, translating roughly (roughly because it's not a fair comparison) to $US15,000.

Even if it was only worth $US1, though... it's still pretty to watch.

[via PC Gamer]


    What I wouldn't give for a game like this with a "real-time" (rather than RPG dice style) Wing Commander-like dogfighting mechanic. THAT would be brilliant.

      Yeah, a decent persistant fleet battle mmo.

      That's what I want from a StarWars MMO.

      I don't know if you've played competitive space combat games as of late, but they all end up with people flying around in circles chasing each other.

      It's not fun at all, and until they can incorporate directional thrusters akin to BSG then it's going to end up all the same.

    Too bad 99.9999999999999% of the rest of EVE Online consists of sitting in an asteroid field mining for 8 hours a day.

      Agree +1

      What was that music that was playing?

        From Inception OST: Hans Zimmer's "Dream is Collapsing"

      Nope, if you're doing shit like this, the rest of your time goes into running agent combat missions.

      Far more exciting than sitting on an asteroid.

    No splosions?

    Sad face!

    wait... some webbed the CSAA?

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