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The biggest banana in the bunch this week is clearly Medal of Honor, which does a great job of reinventing the franchise (even if its mechanics do border on plagiarism at times).

Anime/Manga fans (oh! ME ME ME!) may just get their knickers in a knot over Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, which also releases on Thursday. The original was a more than serviceable effort that did a great job of capturing the charm of the show. It’s worth noting that series is making its debut on the Xbox 360 this time round, having been a PS3 exclusive last time around.

And how could we forget NBA Jam. He’s on fire. From downtown. He jams it in. Boom-shak-laka. We could go on all night – but for your sake, we won’t.

Arcania: A Gothic Tale (PC) What is it? An RPG that sees an early release on PC – console versions release next week. Should you care? I don’t, but I won’t judge you if you do!

FIFA 11 (DS) What is it? The handheld version of arguably the best sports game in the universe. Should you care? Just buy the 360/PS3 version instead.

Just Dance 2 (Wii) What is it? Sequel to the dance sim that sold over four million. Should you care? Absolutely maybe (not).

Medal of Honor (360/PS3/PC) What is it? EA’s original WW shooter gets the modern makeover. Should you care? Yep, probably – it’s derivative but fun.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS3/360) What is it? Sequel to Anime based team fighter on the PS3 Should you care? Strictly for anime fans – but it’s a solid fighter, and it looks fantastic.

NBA Jam (Wii) What is it? You what what it is. A reboot of the arcade classic – BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Should you care? As good a reason as any to turn your Wii on again.

Tetris Party Deluxe (DS/Wii) What is it? Yet another version of Tetris. Should you care? Depends on how many zillion copies of Tetris you own.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PS3/360) What is it? The latest annual update of the top notch soccer sim. Should you care? We say yes - probably the best PES this generation.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3/360) What is it? The latest reboot of the Castlevania franchise. Should you care? Yes. It's as derivative as it gets, but holds together well.


    You can add PES 2011 and Castlevania to that list, due this Friday

      Was so sure it was next week (it was changing all over the shop) but confirmed and added - you were right!

    While i am getting medal of honor and am looking forward to playing it, i am much more excited for Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. It is a game built on fan service, with jap subs as well as english dubs for those that prefer the english voices and looks to have a great cinematic retelling of the entire shippuden storyline all the way till the end of the Invasion of Pain arc.

    Can't wait for it!

      Nor can I. I'm all a flutter with excitement! Yay sage mode! No one mentioned Sengoku Basara which is also meant to come out this week (fingers crossed).

    well looks like i will finally be getting RDR this week, as theres nothing else worth buying

      $50 at if you want to save extra pocket points

      I won't be getting anything this week either - only pre-order i have at the mo is force unleashed 2 - but i might have to cancel that as a holiday to Sydney means i won't be able to finish paying for it before it's released.

        thanks for the tip, but im gonna have credit at EB for canceling my Cataclysm CE (yeah i cant believe im doing it either) so i can get RDR and finish paying off my Fable 3 preorder lol.

        Heres to a WoW Free 2011 (only if DC Universe is good)

    I'm thinking MoH... but I might wait till I've finished Enslaved.

      if youre loving it so far you will love the end, i finished it yesterday after a marathon of a weekend

      -Great Sage Equal of Heaven

    Pre-ordered MOH but having second thoughts though.

    I would like to get Tetris Party Deluxe as well though.

      Well, did you like call of duty? because its the exact same game.

        I assume your talking about Medal of Honor, and not Tetris Party Deluxe (^_^)

          No, he is actually talking about the new "Insurgent Party" mode in Tetris.

          I heard it's where the gameplay reallys bombs out though..

          hur hur

          He's got to be talking about tetris.

          The bad guys in Call of Duty are called the OpFor... In MoH they're the Taliban.

          Unless they've changed that?

            Yep I'm afraid so the Taliban is no more

            They did change it actually :D

    If I hadn't just unplugged my Wii and removed it from my entertainment cabinet to fit other stuff, I'd pick up NBA Jam. Damn it looks like a blast. I'd love to see it as a XBL Arcade or PSN game, but I guess that's unlikely to happen. :(

    Medal Of Honor is/was on my list of things to pick up this week, but I am not sure now...

    As short as MW2 is, I've already seen reports that MoH single player is coming in at 4 hrs long... so certainly could be something to wait for a price drop.

    NBA Jam, waiting for the PS3 version.

    as mentioned above, Castlevania is out on the 14th and very interested in this, but as we don't seem to be getting the Europe Limited Edition, going to look online for this one...

      I'm half-interested in MoH mainly because I'm still enjoying BFBC2, so I'm curious to have a look at DICE's work on the MoH multiplayer. But I'll probably let it go and just get the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion when that comes.

      Does anybody know if the MoH multiplayer has destructible scenery like BFBC2? Or is it all fixed like in COD?

        They've said that destruction is 'limited' which could mean that you could blow a hole into the wall, but you won't be able to knock the entire building down. I'm not entirely sure because a certain company decided the beta would be exclusive... Why can't multi-platform games have betas... across all platforms?

        From what I saw in the open Beta the walls of building are not destructible, but there were things such as thin wooden walls, and small wooden structures that were destructible, some with various levels of damage.

    I'll be giving F1 2010 a whirl this week, I pre-ordered it cheap on steam, but from what I've read its let itself down in some areas quite badly. My mate gave it a quick whirl, but seemed to get bored quickly...

    Will be getting NBA Jam and as im calling it 'Nu-Medal of Honor' but i dunno which one to get coz i have both a 360 and a ps3...i leaning towards the ps3 version since that one had Frontline in HD.

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