The Zerg Are Starcraft II's Least Popular Race

Blizzard has released statistics showing how popular each of Starcraft II's three races are amongst the game's multiplayer users. And it's the poor Zerg coming in last.

Of course, that headline and intro could easily have said "Protoss are most popular!", but I've never liked the Zerg, so felt like drawing attention to that instead.

The exact figures are as follows:

Protoss are played 38.5% of the time. Terran are played 38.0% of the time. Zerg are played 23.5% of the time.

That's... quite a drop-off between the two races who aren't ravaging swarms of insects and the race that is a ravaging swarm of insects.

In light of the findings, Blizzard says it'll be looking at ways to make changes to the Zerg to make them popular. I'd recommend making them less purple. I've always thought it makes them look like a marching children's birthday cake than a blood-thristy race of purpose-bred killing machines.

Developer's Corner: 1v1 Game Balance [Blizzard via Fidgit]


    Maybe its because they're unplayable in the campaign and learning an entire race's tech tree and tactics while getting curb stomped in multiplayer isn't so fun?

    I think it's the fact that Zerg plays A LOT differently to Protoss or Terran. I'm a bit of a Zerg player but I'm not fantastic with them and I admit that they're a lot harder to play than the other two races. Though I do like the challenge and find it extremely satisfying when a whole swarm of disgusting creatures overrun an enemy's army and base, haha. :)

      Agreed. Zerg are really hard to play with when you start out. The way they do things is like no other RTS game I've played. Doesn't make them bad, it's just a steeper learning curve. Players than can use them well seriously own everything. I generally play random now because I can play all races well enough to complete. Although I would say my strongest race is Protoss.

    So true. Issue with Zerg is that they are HEAVILY macro focused. Additionally Zerg are a 'hard counter' race - where you win by finding something to beat the opponents army and lack generalist units. (excuse the slightly inflammatory nature of this)

    In an interview a Blizzard Marketing Person (See Activision Employee) stated that he loved playing and thought Protoss and Terran were awesome. When asked about the Zerg his response was - they are too hard too play.

    I watch this space with bated breath as this is a hard one to fix without making Zerg really overpowered.

    the problem with zerg is that there is too much to focus on at one time and it all has to be focused on ALL the time.

    terran command center if you miss a MULE you just drop 2 or spend energy on a scan.

    protoss if you miss a crono boost you just have more for later.

    but Zerg, zerg MUST spit larva at regualar intervals, MUST spread creep and MUST do this with a queen for every base. which they should have at least 1 more of than their opponent. its too much for regular players to manage and still win and its a huge deal for high level players where even the smallest advantage makes a huge differance.

      Moar Hatcheries!

      Cant Chrono the same Nexus.

    zerg are my favourite. but I agree spawning lava with the queen is a chore, tho spreading creep is easy, only have to have the queen spawn it once, then the creep tumours a self spreading.

    Aww... I love zerg.
    I think the main drawback is the inability to mass units without more than 1 hatch. Conversely, in multiplayer if you expand early (say a 14 hatch) you most likely will get rushed and lose >:

    Actually whats also interesting that people have missed is the fact that the news update from Blizz that was linked pretty much also screws over Terrans early Reaper harass tactics xD

    Basically they do a double whammy on slowing down Terran by making Depot a requirement before Barracks and then requiring a Factory for the Nitro upgrade... quite a lot of posts being racked up over that on that thread as opposed to the actual Zerg have problems topic xD

    In addition to the aforementioned macro problems and lack of hard counter units (though mutas and banelings are pretty awesome) we find a massive problem in the maps, things like maps composed entirely of choke points, maps with amazingly easy to defend expansions (the new Plateu map is disgustingly easy to defend up to 3 damn expansions as terrans.

    And before im accused of bias im a toss player and i just smile when i fight zerg because its almost always a win for me and if it isnt then its a fun game.

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