There Is A New Wii Color, And It Is Red

Super Mario Bros. is 25 this month, and to mark the occasion Nintendo is releasing this hot new variant of the Wii in, what else, Mario Red.

It'll be out in Japan on November 11, and will retail for ¥20,000 (AUD$245). What's more, it'll also include not a Wii Remote, but one of the new Wii Remote Plus peripherals which combines the functionality of a Wii Remote with that of the MotionPlus add-on.

Because it's a Mario celebration, these 25th anniversary Wiis will also come with a copy of Super Mario Bros. pre-installed on the system. It's not just any copy, either, with the game's trademark gold coin bricks modified to say "25" on the front.

This being a Japanese offer, don't hold your breath on it being released in the West. At least, not in a fancy bundle like this.


    Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?! :(

      Yeah, it would be cooler if it came with the Super Mario All-Stars Set :)

        Man, I reckon the only reason they haven't bundled it with All Stars is because the resulting explosion of pure win would annihilate everything in the galaxy.

      we already have it, ive seen it in a game shop in liverpool sydney.

    Painted using real blood from the foxconn workers

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