There Will Be A New Shenmue Game (But Not What You Think!)

You might want to sit down.

In 1999, Sega released the first Shenmue adventure game on the Dreamcast. Seven years in production, the game was, at that time, the most expensive title ever released.

A sequel to the free-roaming game was released in 2001 with a sequel planned. A third entry in the Shenmue series has not been released, and an online game called Shenmue Online was in the works. However, this game is believed to be canceled.

There will be a new Shenmue game. It will be released in Japan — this year, even!

However, it will be released on Japanese cell phones. A new entry called "Shenmue Town" will be released in Japan this winter for the Yahoo! Japan version of Mobage-town, which is a hugely popular mobile-based social network.

According to the game's press release, this will be the "third" Shenmue game — that doesn't necessarily mean it's Shenmue III, however. So perhaps don't go looking to this mobile networking version of Shenmue to clear up Shenmue II's cliffhanger ending.

Besides Shenmue, a version of Atlus's Persona series called Persona 3 Social will be released on Yahoo! Mobage-town.

プレスリリース 株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー [DeNA]


    If I was anymore let down, my chair would break.

      True that.

    Shenmue was a boring adventure game anyway. It's story was incrediably average and the characters where just boring. The only good thing was the graphics.

      Yeah, it's rubbish, isn't it? The majority of players that put it up there with the best video games ever made have no taste...

      This game added nothing new. Just re-hashing old mechanics like life simulation, ground-breaking graphics, story depth, character development, immersion, real-time button sequences...oh...wait... =P It is phenomenal! ;)

        I was getting warmed up to smack you down with my Keyboard of Fury (tm) after reading the first part of your comment until I realised that you'd actually gotten me pretty good.

        Well played, good sir. ^^

    The title of this story almost made me do a spit-take, but still no Shenmue 3 love after all :(

    I swear to god this is the longest cliffhanger in the history of mankind... I'm going to go to my death bed still wondering where the hell Lan Di is.

    Oh it was totally what I thought. :-P
    It's always the iPhone now.

    This actually reminds me I never finished Shenmue 2. Must plug the ole DC back into the TV and play it. Well, soon anyway...I just started Mass Effect 2.

    God damn I want my thirsd part/ending.

    If they use the yakuza engine or something and get rid of some of the crap (like opening empty drawers) then it would be great.

    What is this I don't even

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