These Halo: Reach Figures Don't Know The Battle Is Already Lost

The first series of Halo: Reach action figures was missing a few key characters. Who are, of course, included in the second series from toy company McFarlane.

Spartan 259, Carter, is the leader of Noble Team and was one of the only of its six members not represented in the game's first wave of figures. He's joined in this "advance wave" of series 2 pieces by a "heavily customised" Spartan figure (basically a "multiplayer" character), a grunt and an elite.

All four figures will be out in December.

Jun, the only other Noble Team member not yet represented with a little plastic action figure, will be out with the rest of series 2 in early 2011. There aren't any pictures of those yet, though, so we won't waste any more of your time talking about them until there are.


    Who needs exta action figures of the noble team when you've already got the statue in the collector's editiom?

    But a full collection of the Convenant army would be really nice, just saying.

    Yeah I have the statue, i've already bought the armoured grunt, and will eventually buy some of the convenant and noble 6.

    Look at the crotch of the grunt in the second photo.
    Notice the angry gorilla face?
    Now you can't unsee it.

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