These Tron Heels Are Perfect For Stripping

Exotic dancers and folks who like to dress as exotic dancers, listen up! Has Disney got a pair of shoes for you.

The house that Mickey Mouse built is rolling out some pricey Tron-related consumer products that include hats, jackets and jewellery.

Titter on over to Flynn's Arcade in these 5-inch platform Tron heels that were designed by Canadian footwear designer Jerome C. Rousseau. Official Tron heels! From Disney! They certainly stand out in a sea of nerd-targeted sneakers. Yours for $US795.

Tron Product Images [Disney Consumer Products via Technabob]


    replace the silver stiletto with a clear one and you've got the ultimate 21st century ho.

    It's cheaper to buy a backpack than a baseball hat from that store.

    Ok then.

    I'm sorry but how are these related to Tron? Last time I checked, Tron's style had nothing to do with funky curvy metal shapes, and was rather about glowing geometric shapes and lines.

    If they had glowy parts I'd absolutely want a pair of these, as they are they're just another pair of pretty shoes.
    Although I'd probably buy them if they were under the price of a game and I didn't fall over when I tried them on. :-P

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