This Custom Scott Pilgrim NES Blu-ray Case Deserves To Be Official

Edgar Wright's adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on November 9, but sadly not in this fantastic fan-made case that accurately apes NES boxes (and cartridges) of old.

A seriously talented Scott Pilgrim fan sent word and photos of the Nintendo-themed throwback to Wright, explaining "I had originally intended to just turn the NES Cart into a hinged case, but as it turns out, standard sized discs don't fit in NES carts. So I modded the cart to just attach a disc holder to the back."

Head over to Wright's official site to see this classy custom creation in greater, but blurry detail.

Scott Pilgrim Custom Blu-Ray Case [Edgar Wright Here - Thanks Adam and Walter!]


    I. Want. That. So. Badly.......

    That fan should seriously churn them out on somewhere like Etsy. They'd make a killing!

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