This Is Gran Turismo 5's Fastest Car In Action

Gran Turismo 5's fastest car outclasses the rest of the PlayStation 3 game's line-up for a very good reason - it doesn't really exist.

But the Red Bull Racing X1 Prototype was designed to do one thing: be fast. It was created in the PS3 game to be the "fastest racing car on Earth, free of any and all regulations" and was crafted by a man who would know what those regulations are. You can see it in action for the first time in a new video of the X1 Prototype.

"X1 sees the marriage of virtual and real worlds as we explore the boundaries of our technology and aesthetic senses," says Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauchi. "The X1 Prototype Project has been motivated by curiosity and passion, powerful forces that brought together the best the world has to offer in design, physics simulation, racing car product technology and driving."

More details at the official Gran Turismo web site.

X1 Prototype Full Reveal [Gran Turismo]


    Please let this be in the game. I'd race forever to rack up the credits to buy this baby.

      It's been confirmed that you can race inside this car...

      The troubling aspect will be how do you unlock it. If it's 100% Completion, then it will take quite an effort.

      dont stress mate, it's in the game ;)
      but yes it'll cost a lot of credits or will be very hard to unlock (if its a 'prize' car)

      It's definitely in the game, it was designed exclusively for it as a promo.

      I love that Newey's cut loose for this, and while it's free of then normal F1 design constraints, I wouldn't be surprised if it still needed to resemble them somewhat.
      Funny thing is that aero development has reached the point where if the engineers were able to produce their ideal car, no human would be able to drive it at the limit due to the lateral G-forces it could produce.

      get it at level 35 bspec

    The world's fastest imaginary car meets the world's slowest real software developer - sparks will fly!

    Funky looking car, although it sounds a bit like those pod racers from Star Wars Ep 1...

    This looks amazing. I don't mind waiting. :)

    And here I thought GT was all about realism.

      It is - just because it's a hypothetical car doesn't mean it isn't realistically implemented.

      It is, even though the game is virtual, the design of this car is based on real world physics.

      So if this car actually got made, it should behave exactly the same.

      One thing to remember, sure this car is on the high end of what is and isn't possible but something like the Bugatti Veyron would have gone through the same process.

      Getting a design, writing up all the specs, etc and having those numbers run through some form of simulator to see if it worked. Once they had something that worked it was made. The same thing could happen here.

        Speaking of the Veyron, is it in GT5, and is the theoretical theoretically fastest racing car meant to be faster than the veyron?

          Yeah, the Veyron is in the game...

          Not sure on which is supposed to be faster though...

          Red Bull is claiming that it can reach 450km/h

          Gran Turismo is claiming only 400kn/h

          One thing that is for sure though, this would destory the Veyron in any race though, the Veyron is almost 2 tonnes in weight, this car is under 600kgs... it has the acceleration and cornering capacity to beat anything vehicle.

    Damn, I enjoyed that video. I also enjoyed all the figures on the source link. I have no idea if they're possible or whatever, but to see the effort behind the dream car to go with the moniker is awesome.

    One downside though. Vettel's ingame character looks quite evil and scary. Like he's channelling a bit of Hayden Christensen angst.

      I agree the numbers given were very interesting, if only to show just how potent the 'fan-car' concept is.
      The fan provides over 70% of the downforce at speeds of 200km/h (and 90% at 100km/h). You can see why they were banned very quickly when implemented in real life! (although I doubt the real ones were quite as efficient).

    A car that really doesnt exist in a game that really doesnt exist

    Was he driving on auto?? :D

    The way it corners is a bit freaky :O

    i wanna know what his comparison is from playing the game to driving in real life, he looks like he was enjoying it immensely

    The lap at the end looked like someone has just done a lap with normal car and put it on double speed or something...

    Please let some crazy rich billionaire attempt to build this, please :D!

    we got one u get it level 35 b-spec
    and take on to the track called sarthe it has the longest straight just move around wars in the middle of the track in dreamcar

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