This Is The Official PlayStation Move Gun

You want to play a light-gun game with a PlayStation Move, but you want to hold something shaped like a gun. What can you do? You could wield this official Sony PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment.

Kotaku had it assembled and disassembled today in New York.

The shell will work with any shooting game. Sony's pushing it for The Shoot and Namco's Time Crisis: Razing Storm. The attachment costs $US20 and is out next week. Like the Wii Zapper, it is a shell and does not add new functionality to the motion controller it houses. Its benefit is its shape.


    Hi guys do you know why most of the video's are unavailable. The only videos that work for me are the youtube videos.

      try using Google Chrome. I have the same problem but with IE

        I'm at work so can not change the programs. I would think a lot of people are in the same situation.

        We cant upgrade IE as we need the version we are on to run our programs.

        Its only this site i have issues with. And it is only recently since they have changed the videos. I know it affects all my friends at work that read Kotaku. And i have read similar comments with the same issues on Kotaku and Gizmodo.

        Thanks for the suggestion, but people (like myself) really shouldn't have to change their browser to something else just to view a post properly. Especially since the issues I've experienced have been with Firefox (and IE previously), and I've seen these video formats work fine on other sites.

    I wonder if it's as useless as the gun that came with Ghost Squad on the Wii. Seriously, worse design ever- when you mounted the wiimote in it, the fire button for the gun wasn't the trigger, it was the A button on the top of the gun. Such garbage...

    Set Shooting Attachments to "Stun"...?

    Didn't Sony make fun of the Wii zapper for looking lame? Yeah, well done guys

    Hey Homer! Zap! Zaaaap!

    I actually love the look of this thing. Very retro and cute.

    I just wanna hold it

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