This Is Why People Play Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that's difficult to really sell with words. It's something you have to play to get a feel for. Or watch, in this case, as people do inspiring things.

This video runs for 3:23. It's sped up for convenience's sake. For information in how the clip was made, as well as what upgrades creator brt5470 is using to get everything looking so nice, visit the YouTube page below.

Minecart Interstate V3.0 [MineCraft][YouTube, via IndieGames]


    The simplicity of this game amazes me. The age of the "3D-pixel" is here.

    Looking at that video, Minecraft players may also enjoy Train Simulator.

      Looking at your comment, I think you may enjoy being a douchebag.

    From some reason this reminds me of the 'Chemical Brothers' music video "Star Guiter"

      Hahahaha!! Totally!!


    Put something that sounds like Moby to any indie game and all of the sudden its cool.

    Seen this particular video getting air time, but as a fairly new minecraft player, it doesn't really sell the game to me. Much more impressed by the stuff being done by others on the server I frequent.

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