This Poor, Poor Lancia Stratos

The Lancia Stratos was arguably the most beautiful rally car ever. In its rally heyday, it was covered with Alitalia and Castrol stickers. It's heyday is over.

Perfect for some otaku to cover it with stickers of visual novel developer Nitroplus. There were only a couple hundred Lancia Stratos cars ever produced. And when this car this car rolled off the Turin factory, the last thing Lancia thought was that this would happen.

Here is a walkthrough on how itasha are made.

A new Stratos is in the works for next year. One day, one of those cars will meet a similar fate. I promise.

貴重なスポーツカー「ランチア・ストラトス」を痛車化 [GIGAZINE]



      Thankyou for making me spit coffee all over my computer monitor. =P

    I doubt thats a production Stratos, it's probably a kit. Nobody with the cash to buy one of the few actual production line Stratos' would do that to the car.

      im with you on that, those kits are relatively cheap but its still sad someone would defile a stratos like that

    If only I had the cash for a real Stratos, or even the patience for a kit...

    New Lamborghini's are fine. JDM-sepc cars I encourage and want to do myself. but a stratos? This is just sad. It spits all over the avid Lancia fan and and just hurts to see.
    As a general statement they did do the itasha well, just picked the wrong car for it. That car should be in a museum!

    Lancia Stratos is a fantastic car, like every Lancia is a gem, better than any alfaromeo in the world,
    I hope Fiat understand then is Lancia the car where they put money and new sport cars

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