This Wii Remote Is Made By LEGO, Not Nintendo

If you're sick to death of Nintendo and its subtle, stylish colours for Wii Remotes, you could always pick up one of these official LEGO controllers.

Due out later this week and selling for $US40, it's, well, exactly as advertised: it's a LEGO-branded Wii Remote controller. Sadly, it's not a complete kit, as it doesn't allow you to build the thing from scratch; instead, it's just a standard Wii Remote with some spots for LEGO bricks on the front and back.

It's still pretty neat, though, as you couldn't recreate an Indiana Jones barfight or build a Swiss chalet on a proper Wii Remote.

[thanks Csquared!]


    WANT!!! :D

    LEGO makes EVERYTHING better!

      Yeah, LEGO is great! It's amazing the technicality of models people are making now. Makes me wanna go out and spend all my money on cool LEGO-Technic. I still remember the day when I moved house and left all my Lego in a desk draw of a piece of furniture that was left behind:(

    Sadly, it's just the top part which has studs and you just lay down some flat tile pieces for colour variation. Smart idea, but bad timing as the official Wiimote with built-in motion plus is already around the corner.

    oh....i thought you build the whole remote, not just lego style buttons and a small strip around the the top to put any lego piece

    being able to move around lego buttons or attacha hego gun handel or something would of been cool...

    now you can build on controller peripherals like a un for example, or a golf club, tennis raquet, etc. cool

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