Thousands Of Starcraft II Cheaters Busted

As warned, Blizzard today swept through the Starcraft II playerbase with knives at the ready, banning or suspending the accounts of thousands of players caught using hack programs or other forms of cheating.

The final count was "over 5000" players, Blizzard reminding everyone that it's not just the spirit of fair play that's in trouble when people cheat; messing with the underlying workings of the game "can lead to stability and performance issues with the service".

While a death toll of a few thousand (it wasn't disclosed how many were suspensions and how many were permanent bans) accounts is impressive for most games, it pales in comparison to Blizzard's previous record of 350,000, set during a World of Warcraft purge.


    This is excellent news. But what 'cheats' are these guys supposedly using? Map-hacks?

      Maphacks are pretty common, most cheaters are terrible at the game so then deploy cheese as it appropriate.

      Havent heard about any other form though.

        Once more cheese is not in any way shape or form cheating. Why do people insists on propagating this belief? Would you say Cannon Rushing is cheese and thus ban-able? Would you say 4-Gating is cheese and thus ban-able? Blizzard tweaks and prods and pulls at the game constantly to make sure its fair, to make sure that every strategy can be countered and countered again. 'Cheese' as you so wrongly put it, is just a form of strategy that people are retarded at defeating. Hell some of the top players in top games do them!

        Regardless, the banning was for people doing map-hacks (teleporting units, receiving more minerals then they should etc.) and game-hacks (such as warping in Immortals etc.).

          Adam, I think he means that since the players who use the maphacks are terrible, having vision from the maphack allows them to cheese easier. Not that cheese is a form of cheating?

    Good riddance.


      First game I played, I had a guy with immortal units - just 2 units defeated everything I made. :\

    I have wondered how hard the mutiplayer would be to cheat at, as you seem to be able to do it freely in campaign.

    its usually things like trainers, external software that can remove fog of war, give extra resources etc not the in game cheat codes, they would be disabled by blizzard in game

    Why do people cheat anyway?... I mean if your really that bad at the game, keep working till you find a technique that works... I remember in primary school there was this fat kid that got a handicap in pretty much EVERYTHING... cheating, handicaps... its child's play.

    They sold how many, and thats all they found?

    Either their code is a whole lot better than you'd ever expect, or this was a really underwhelming figure.

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