Tifa Enters The Dissidia Duodecim Ring

Another fighter joins the Final Fantasy battle royale, as VII's femme fatale Tifa prepares to take on all-comers in Dissidia 012[Duodecim] .

Tifa joins Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning and IV's Kain as a new character in the follow-up to Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP. She's bringing the pain with her intense physical skills, aided by a little luck in the form of her EX Burst, which simulates her slot machine-style Limit Break from Final Fantasy VII.

Check out the first screens of Tifa in action below, while I patiently wait for Vivi to show up. Fingers crossed!


    It's fair to say that this is very good news.

    Dissidia was a stupid, STUPID game, SE really need to focus on making good games.

      Dissida is a great game. God forbid Squenix should make something apart from an RPG.

      Usually the people I found who deemed Dissidia 'stupid' were people who were just exceedingly bad at it.

        Stole the words right from my mouth Cody. I second every single thing you said there.

        They can't even make their RPG's right anymore, they should stick to making good games instead of cookie-cutter, uninspired, unbalanced wannabe fighters that solely exist for designers and directors masturbatory fantasies, you're both idiots.

          I thought dissidia was awesome,original gameplay that was alot of fun in multiplayer. It was much better then FF11/12/13/14 at anyrate.

            You're right except for 12, I love that one!

    Tifa's a no-brainer really, same with Zell Dincht or any other fighter/monk classes.

    Cool, they went with the classic outfit (SEXY!) rather than the Advent Children on (nice, but NOT SEXY!).

      Her AC outfit is likely to be a secondary costume (just like how all the characters in the original Dissidia had), so I get to be appeased as well! *bro five*

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