Time Travelers Trailer Ticks Off The Minutes

Time Travelers Trailer Ticks Off The Minutes

At yesterday’s Level-5 event, a new trailer for story heavy Time Travelers was shown. It’s got suspense, a schoolgirl and some sort of monster dude. Oh, and digital numbers!

The game is headed for the Nintendo 3DS and is being helmed by Jiro Ishii. He’s made a name for himself in Japan with 438, a Sega Wii game that got rave reviews in Japan. Ishii’s games are plot driven, and Time Travelers doesn’t look to be an exception.

During the cutscenes, the gameplay system presents players with choices on the 3DS touchscreen. Their selection then effects how the scene plays out.

Towards the end of the trailer, the schoolgirl character stands atop a clock tower and wonders why things have turned out the way they have. She then plunges off the side of the structure.

The game’s release is TBA.


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