Too Human Creators Heading X-Men Destiny Development

Silicon Knights, the Canadian studio famous for its work on Too Human, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness, is the studio behind Activision's recently announced game for Marvel, X-Men Destiny.

X-Men Destiny was announced earlier today as game that puts players in the costumes of "new mutant recruits in a rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice". The game is due late 2011 on unannounced platforms but will be further detailed at this week's New York Comic-Con.

The X-Men Destiny official website has since gone live, featuring a teaser trailer that is without gameplay.


    I hope this is like legends (2)!

    Hey! How are they supposed to get Too Human 2 qucker with this huh? BAH!

      MrBS: They aren't. That game was crap. Camera needed a major overhaul, the death scenes were way to long and boring, weapons were lackluster, attacking wasn't fun. Hopefully nothing from Too Human will be there in X-Men.

        Read those unfair reviews, did you? The game was great.

          I agree the game was great, it was fun and loot-tastic and had great character designs.

          But everyone of those 'unfair reviews' were completely accurate in their complaints, all those problems were there, it's just a question of how willing one was to overlook them.

      I think silicon knights have split with Microsoft for Too Human 2. silicon knights own the rights to any sequels but i think they need to wait a period of time before they can finance it themselves.
      However no official word has come from silicon knights yet.

      "Hey! How are they supposed to get Eternal Darkness 2 out quicker with this huh? BAH!"

      fixed it for ya.

    Goddammit! I love Silicon Knights, but i hate Activision!

    Yeah, hoping it'll be like "X-Men: Legends 2" too. Hopefully this will be the unofficial third game in the series.

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