Top Developers List Their Favourite PS2 Games

Top Developers List Their Favourite PS2 Games

Personally, I just love this stuff. To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the PlayStation 2’s release (in the US) the PlayStation blog managed to convince just about every notable developer in the known universe to list their favourite PS2 games.

It makes for some interesting reading. Want to know what game has the potential to destroy Cliff Bleszinski “emotionally”? Want to know what Evan Wells from Naughty Dog thinks is the “scariest game ever made”? Or even just find out why Tim Schafer loves Katamari? It’s all here in what is a truly awesome list of lists!

What do you guys think of the choices? And what are your favourite PS2 games of all time?

My top three

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
2. Ico
2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

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  • Peace Walker? Don’t you mean Snake Eater?

    *ducks as the MGS fans charge past, ready to rip you a new one*

  • Best. Console. Ever.

    Which makes it hard to pick just 3 games when its library was packed with so many great ones.

    1. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. God of War 2
    3. Metal Gear Solid 3

  • 1. GTA San Andreas
    2. Okami
    3. Ico

    I always go back to these same games, particularly San Andreas. I’ll never pack up my PS2.

  • So many awesome hours of gaming. So many games that made me lose track of time and place. Love my PS2.
    These are not in any order, was hard enough picking 3, let alone ordering them.

    Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty.
    My favourite MGS game.
    Loved Raiden, plus seeing him sneaking around naked never fails to make me giggle.

    Shadow of the Colossus.
    Just narrowly beating Ico for me. Both had amazing atmosphere and immersive worlds but I slightly preferred the gameplay of SotC.

    Final Fantasy X-2.
    Dress-ups with guns and swords! Plus, Paine was badass in a way no FF heroine has been before or after. And I’m pretty sure her sword was bigger than Cloud’s. 😛

    Honorable mention: Silent Hill 2. Creeped the bejeebus out of me. I can still hear the static that let me know something scary was about to jump out at me.

  • My top 3 are:

    San Andreas (until it came out on Xbox, i prefer the Xbox controller)

    We love Katamari

    Gregory Horror Show

    • The 360 controller is better than the ps3 one (IMO) but the PS2 controller was far better than the original xbox one, especially for san andreas.

      The problem was that the PS2 had the R1/L1 buttons whick were used for selecting new weapons from your inventory. When it was ported for the xbox, they mapped these buttons to the white and black ones…

      I got 100% on GTA:SA on PS2 (also my fav game), then Vice City then a crappy micro machine rip off game that was a text based RPG of sorts, where you could play soccer with cars and put wings on you car with rockets and stuff… not idea what it is called but did at least one all nighter on it!

  • 1. GTA: San Andreas
    2. Okami
    3. Beyond Good & Evil

    I got the PS1 while at Uni and did not get the PS2 until the slim model. I wanted it to play GTA: San Andreas.

    I am going to check out one game they mentioned on the developer fav PS2 games and that is Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicles), it looks like a lots of fun!

  • Hey, Mark, I’m glad one of your favourites is Metal Gear Solid 3. If I had to choose just one game, this would EASILY be it. I have been meaning to play it again recently, but NEW VEGAS is sapping my time like nobody’s business. Everything about MGS3 it is so damn good, especially the story. From the jungle floor to the mountains, to heavily guarded bases…and the sniping face off with THE END is still the best boss battle to date.

    • Oh, and I just noticed above my post that Andrew Hobbs mentioned ACE COMBAT. This also brings back a LOT of good memories. I think my favourite in that series might have been THE BELKAN WAR. I liked how you got to make decisions about what kind of pilot you were, and how it also affected the kind of cutscenes you got as well.

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