Warcraft III Gamer Gets Fingers Broken In Revenge Beating

A Canadian high schooler playing Warcraft III gloated a little too much over a recent victory, and his opponents found that so unsporting they decided to do something even more unsporting: track him down at lunch and beat his arse.

That's according to Vancouver authorities, who said the high schooler was confronted at lunch by four or five other guys, forced to kiss their feet, and then was beaten with batons, sustaining broken fingers.

Seriously? Kiss their feet? That's like something out of My Bodyguard. I guess Canadians don't have cops in the lunchrooms like American kids do.

"I guess some people take these things exceptionally seriously," Vancouver police Const. Lindsey Houghton said, according to The Vancouver Sun. "It's something that is exceptionally rare, given the number of people who play video games. Most people can separate reality from online fiction."

No word if the assailants were charged with anything, but I'm guessing "breaking fingers with intent to jam up arse," might be on the rap sheet.

Video Game Battle Leads To Assault Of Hamber Secondary Student [Vancouver Sun via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    wow, the police are surprisingly grounded in this article, at least its not another "we think this guy did this because he was known to have played counter strike and call of duty"

      Yes, because the quote was from Canadian media from Canadian cops, not American, which would have added the fear rhetoric.

      I don't find it surprising that someone was "taken down" for blatantly acting arrogantly, the violence however, a bit extreme.

    Wait... American kids have COPS in their high school lunchrooms?

      Honestly, Australia should too.

        Honestly, we shouldn't because there is absolutely no need.

          Honestly, It's at the point where most Australian high schools are processing double digits worth of suspensions a day.

          Cops in Australian high schools? Hell yeah, taser those ruffians senseless.

            Without trying to derail the topic further, cops are overkill, there's sfa they can do anyway.

            More male teachers, + teachers no longer being sued for disciplining disruptive students would put us back on the right track.

            Parents of nightmare kids rarely agree that their child is a headache.

          You didn't go to my school then.

    Sounds like the Shoalin Soccer scene where they pee all over the kid.

    And then when pissed off spectators storm the pitch to break the footballer's legs after a losing shot.

    Good to see that the Constable had a level head about this, and didn't just blame video games.

    That cop was surprising, I was expecting another outburst about how video games are tools of the devil. Although I guess it doesn't sound like they wanted to get the kid cause he beat them at a game, but because he was a trash-talking little jerk. Not really a video game issue -- more of an internet argument issue. A keyboard warrior goes one step further.

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