Trine 2 Coming To A Trio Of Platforms

Atlus releases a new gameplay trailer to celebrate the big reveal of the three platforms Frozenbyte's Trine 2 is coming to next year: PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

The original Trine is a gorgeous physics platformer in which the player switches between three different character classes: knight, wizard and thief. Trine 2 is certainly beautiful, and there are definitely physics involved. So far it looks like developer Frozenbyte is giving us more of the same, only prettier.

I can deal with that.


    If it's anything like its predecessor (which it certainly looks like it is), it's going to be absolutely sublime. Might wait 'till it's on sale on Steam before I jump in, though.

    I'm really glad they kept the narrator; I love his voice!

    I really liked the demo of the first one on PS3 (except for the cheesy voice acting), but just found the asking price too high. If I see it on sale one of these days I'll definitely pick it up.

    Great game, but i only have one problem with it. The length and difficulty curve needs to be fixed. i found the all the levels, with exception of the last one and a bit before it to be very easy...even on hard, then it gets difficult if you dont know what you are doing. I think i even managed a speed run on Hard, within an hour? without dying as well

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