Trust Me, Their Used Selection Is Terrible

Seen by Kotaku reader Alsandair at Sawtelle Blvd. north of Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles.



      The logo is a ripoff of the logo for GameStop (google image search it). Not that it's very interesting for Australians, but...

        Excuse you, but I got the reference - I'm Australian - If anything it's interesting for anyone who hates getting their (logo) work ripped off.

          I could be wrong, but it looks to me like a gamestop that's closed down and is in the process of being turned in to a Sushi place. That'd be my guess.

          That said, i also almost immediately got the gamestop reference in this picture.

    One could say... something fishy's going on here...

    Uhmm, yeah. So what?

    One white word and one red word put together. It was clearly an intentional rip-off. Or was it?

    Surely there isn't any significant stylisation that would render a complete coincidence out of the question...

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