Turning Old Vegas Into New Vegas

In the latest developer diary for Fallout: New Vegas, the team at Obsidian talk about how they tackled turning something old into something new, while keeping it old. I'm confused.

Building a world based on the real world das we know it today is easy. With tons of old movies, archive footage and photographs available, constructing a setting based on the real-world 70 years ago isn't that difficult either.

Taking a real-world location from 70 years ago and moving it 340 years into the future without taking into consideration the advances of the previous seven decades? That's where it gets difficult.

I think Obsidian has done a bang-up job. We'll get a chance to get lost in new old Las Vegas next month. Fallout: New Vegas hits stores on October 19.


    see that art guy? he was on gizmodo :D

    I really can't wait to get my hands on this!

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