Two Chewbaccas Dancing To Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'

Video games have now given the society at least two things: 1) children with better hand-eye coordination and 2) the opportunity for people dressed as Chewbacca to dance to Michael Jackson.

The latter was made possible by Ubisoft's Michael Jackson The Experience video game. The November Wii, DS and PSP release based on the King of Pop's music is apparently Star Wars-compatible.

This video, shot at New York Comic-Con, comes from a Ubisoft rep who let me pull the captured moment from his iPhone. Sure, he could have stood closer, but at least he was there. I was at some other wing of Comic-Con either taking pictures of Wolverine comparing claws with The Predator, watching a game demo or something.

More NY Comic-Con coverage coming. It's all going to be here.


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