Ugly Force Unleashed II Watches Are Collectively Attractive

These Force Unleashed II X G-Shock watches might be hideously ugly, but only 50 pairs are being made, and that makes them beautiful.

The two limited edition Force Unleashed II watches from G-Shock (a Casio brand) aren't the sort of timepieces a person wears anyway. These are watches you keep in a box and sell on eBay five years from now when you're low on rent money.

Designed by LucasArts, G-Shock and Complex Media, each watch is limited to 50 pieces, and only 10 of each will be made available to the public.

The design is as subtle and delicate as the Star Wars prequels. The Darth Vader watch hints at the dark lord of the Sith by placing his mouthpiece on the wrist band, which seems like an odd place for a mouthpiece. Meanwhile the Starkiller watch uses Force Lightning and lightsabre handles to get its point across.

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is an experience focused squarely on unleashing the potential of gameplay, story and entertainment across the Star Wars franchise," said Mary Bihr, vice president of Global Publishing at LucasArts. "Working with G-Shock and Complex Media has been ideal in bringing to life the ‘unleashed' qualities of Starkiller and his former master Darth Vader in the form of these unique watches."

He's right. That is one unleashed faceplate.

They are horrible, but the boxes are attractive and there are only 10 of them available. You know you want one. For your chance, hit up the sweepstakes page.


    I'm sure if I was... um... Bear Grylls or something, that'd be a pretty awesome watch. But I'm not, so it's definitely not.

    It would have been interesting if they integrated some STAR WARS themes into the watch face itself, but to just change a few colours, and to put some cheap decals on the wrist bands...kinda makes it a FAIL.

    Yes, I know that it wouldn't really be possible for CASIO to design a watch face for such limited numbers (well, financially it wouldn't make sense)...but to make this seems like a waste of time.

    It would be like a car company putting a small cheap STAR WARS decal on one of their vehicles and saying: " edition STAR WARS car!"

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