Undead Nightmare's Brain-Eating, Sasquatch-Running Video Poetry

Cowboys? Zombies? Hell yeah!

Undead Nightmare delivers the tale of a hero, his zombie sweetie and the voyage to figure out just what they hell is going on... and shoot stuff.


    A lot might be totally over zombie's, like I am...but this...woohoo!

    Sweet, I can't wait to see what happens when you run into Patty in the woods.

    gez, they're putting an awful lot of effort into pimping this, considering the internet already said "we want this" like, the very first time it was announced... preaching to the converted, rockstart! Just give it to us already!

    Ok, just a quick question. I own RDR, but none of the expansions. Do they need to be purchasable, or are these free to download. Any of them released on discs?

    I really want undead nightmare but I'm getting sick of the trailers. It's kinda putting me off the dlc now.

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