Upcoming DLC Puts The "Dead" In Red Dead

For some, with the memory of that mood-setting opening ride in Red Dead Redemption still fresh, the game's setting is sacred. For others, who've already spent countless hours in the open world western, it's time for something new. Well, Rockstar really want you to believe an undead frontier is the way of the future, and it's time for yet another batch of screenshots showing off Undead Nightmare, the DLC that aims to make your wild west a little wilder. Are you convinced yet?


    You know, those are actually some damn good looking zombie models!

      Oh.. and the undead horse looks kick ass!

    Wouldn't ot be great with 3 of your mates shacked up in a house or town and having zombies coming after you wave after wave like a survival mode but with the whole red dead redemption world to play with.

    Still not sold. To me it's like "Oh, lets just take The Godfather and replace Marlon Brando with John Candy"

    Looks a helluva lot better than Dead Rising 2, that's for sure partner! -Oh yes, I so went there Chuloopa!

    Zombies need to be every game as an alternate to the actual game itself...

    unless it's a zombie game, then the alternate fun setting should be regular humans...

    it shall be bought...

    I still hate the ... ooohhh lets put zombies in it but this does look tempting. I will think about it.

    and HotDamn!, it may look better than DR2 but there are no tricycles or dynamite bow and arrows... But hey, I love both games.

    Can't we all just get along? lol.

      Gosh...if you insist. ;-)

    They look so friendly, I think they want a hug!

    I don't get it.

    Is the whole game just as normal with the NPC's reskinned as zombies?

    Meaning you work your way through the campaign again?

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