US Retailers List Duke For Feb. 1 Release

Duke Nukem Forever's official website recently linked over to preorder pages on Amazon and Gamestop, and both say the game is due for release on Feb. 1, 2011.

The most recent information had Duke Nukem Forever releasing in early 2011. Feb. 1, 2011 is a Tuesday, the traditional release day for video games in North America; it is not the end of a financial quarter. It may be a placeholder date. I've emailed a Gearbox contact to ask for further comment.

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    It's looking more and more like this will actually happen.

    Admittedly, when 3D Realms got the big boot some promising screenshots and news fell out, but after all the trials, tribulations, scepticism and winning several awards for not coming out, I doubt I was the only one who greeted the Gearbox news with a small amount of reserve.

      I couldnt believe it at first but at PAX gearbox said that the game development is finished and now its only minor polishing to be done.

    I hope this passes Australia's horrible classification system.

    Really looking forward to it.

      If for any reason it doesn't, UK importing FTW!

        I second the motion for importing, the OFLC is completely out of touch with the times.

        what? you can import from the UK??

        never mind our stupid classification system! surely it must be cheaper to just import from the UK now anyway?

          Gift from the US Steam Store should work just as well!

          The Australian Dollar is VERY strong against both the pound and the US dollar, making importing a cinch!

          For PC and PS3 games, go no further than Play-Asia:

          You can purchase the Hong Kong version (which is in English) of most games, they price them in US dollars, and PC games have no region protection!

          For Xbox 360/Wii games, is the place to go:

          UK games will play in your AU consoles, these guys price their games in pounds and euros, and the delivery is actually quite fast (I received dead rising 2 within a week of it's release - not bad for something coming from across the world!)

            I purchased Halo: Reach from Play-asia, and it worked out to about $54 AUD, with postage. Compare that to the $119 RRP, or the $99 price tag discount retailers like JB attach to it.

            I Purchased Fallout: New Vegas from for an insane $40 AUD, almost a third of it's RRP!

    I think they should release it 1st of April 2011. Funny thing is - it would most likely be released on that day :P

      Irony meters worldwide would explode if it were released on that day. We can only hope it happens.

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

      It would be funny if they made a joke that it was cancelled on that day. I doubt many would laugh though :P

      +1 to the April Fools crowd

    It is a placeholder date, ive been following the DNF saga for a few years now and this is an entirely made up date. although Gearbox employee Mikey Nueman (i think thats how you spell it) has said in a Avault podcast that its going to be an early 2011 release.

    THis will be one of the longest over hyped games i think lol

      I disagree, this game needs to be hyped some more, But its peoples expectations what are going to kill this game, i for one are not expecting much from this game.

    What people have to remember is that the game itself is not 14 years old, the current build is only 3 years old.

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