Vampires Head To The Blood Bowl

How did a game called Blood Bowl take this long to introduce an all-vampire team, and why aren't they turning to dust during day games?

The Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is on track for release at the end of this month, which seems like as good a time as any to introduce the bloodsucking undead menace known as the Vampire team. Judging by these screens, these are special day-walking vampires, so like Blade they have all of the vampire strengths, and none of their weaknesses. They can even hypnotise the opposing team!

Of course, some of your team members might get hungry and wander off the field to eat the cheering section, but that's a small price to pay for eternal life and the championship trophy.

Vampires are one of the 11 new playable teams coming in the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition for PC on October 28.


    Vampire teams are tricky to play but can kick a lot of ass. Although I did once have one game where one vampire fed off 3 of his teammates or something.

    The vampires dont look very scary. But still, a team of vampire means something, even if they dont look scary! Even if they are losing! LOL.
    I am definitely going to try this edition. Who knows, maybe this times vampires will be lucky for me!

    FYI - "You Suck!" is now a compliment in the league.

    One of the trickiest teams to use, for those having trouble I've written guides on using Vampire teams.

    It would also be worth reading the articles on Hypnotic Gaze and Bloodlust as well. Looking forward to it, Vampires are one of my favourite teams!

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