Vanquish Comp: Winners!

We had a decent amount of entries into the Vanquish competition, and choosing a winner was tough, but we've finally come up with ten winners!

So congratulations to...

Nick Palstra Tim Glennan Sean Richardson Troy Cleary Corey Lee Emma Koch Matthew Phillips Adam Grabda Mark Pankanin Gary Kew

Great job everyone, and if you didn't win this time round never fear, we have some new awesome competitions in the pipeline! You can check out the winning entries below. We'll be getting in contact with the winners soon!

Nick Palstra

Tim Glennan

Sean Richardson

Troy 'Chuloopa' Cleary

Corey Lee

Emma Koch

Matthew Phillips

Adam Grabda

Mark Pankanin

Gary Kew


    Nice entries my fellow dancers... I mean winners.

    Nick: I'm jealous of your shirts.
    Tim: Can I have some of what you're having?
    Emma: Wow, just... Damn.

    And yeah, I guess the rest of you were alright :P.

      Thank you :)

      Thanks. I thought i have enough nerdy shirts to make it work. few too many transformers ones. I need to diversify a bit more.

      I like my borderlands one. I wear it to soccer to put the opposition off.

        I have like 5 transformers shirts... maybe 6.. one of which i'm wearing in my video - let me just say you can NEVER have enough transformers shirts... NEVER!!

        I also have a good collection of gaming shirts and underwears! :D

          I don't have any gaming underwears, but i did just give my friend some pack man boxers for his b'day.
          They had Pac-man and a ghost on the crotch with "GAME OVER" written underneath.

          I hope those are all G1 shirts and none of this Michael Bay rubbish.

            Damn straight. At least MichaelBayformers had Peter Cullen voicing Optimus.

            Of course they are all G1!

            As far as i'm concerned, the Michael Bay movies never existed!

      Oh yeah, some other comments about mine: (I'm Sean in case it wasn't clear (seemed obvious to me, but, you know...))

      The third part was almost replaced with a similar joke about playing the campaign of modern warfare 2 (in fact, all I would have needed to change would be the title bit).

      I wanted to have a scene with animal cruelty (not really), but when I threw food into my guinea pig's cage, for the first time in their lives they didn't start fighting over it (give them four pieces between three pigs, and they will fight over one of them(Also, I say fight, but really they just run around the cage stealing it from each other)).

      In the second one, yes, I am just walking down my driveway, although you can't tell, I am barefoot, and doing my hair for that scene took longer then (or is it than? English nerds, correct me please) the rest of the piece combined.

      Scene four, sadly, that is just water, and yes, cutting onions does reduce me into a quivering wreck (but in the end it was worth it).

      Scene one, it's from Starcraft 2, for anyone who doesn't understand, and my shirt is a scene from reservoir dogs.

      But enough about me, let's talk about me :P.

    Congrats Chuloopa. Finally put a face to the great man.

    Congratulations to all the winners!


    Chuloopa... That poor, poor dog...

    Grats folks.

      The dog one is mine. And he always looks pretty miserable anyway.

      Still, thanks heaps Mark. Thank god I cancelled my Vanquish LE preorder a few days ago...

      Oh and I dont we think we had to specify before but for your convenience, a copy on either platform would be great :)

        Oh... My bad...

        The names really should go *above* the video...
        Oh well.

        In which case:
        Corey... That poor, poor dog...

      Umm dude.. that's Corey's entry, mines the one above. LOL

      Thanks Mark - I serrelously appreciate being picked :D

      Can't wait to check out the full game, and possibly more importantly, the figurine! :D

      Well done to all the other winners too! :D

    Lol @ loops! sucha hero to the community even got an honorable mention in Matthew Philips entry! :0

    Love corey's little shihtzu too! I used to have one of those dogs! So damn cute!!

    Well done all! Makes me wish I had a vid cam to enter too! That or a life less henctic to be able to animate an entry :\

      Yeah, i really need to open up that gun shop... I'm running behind schedule and the zombie apocalypse is only getting closer.

        Hey i just realized... Matthew/Ambrose - You've opened me up next to a damn S-mart! Are you trying to send me outta business?!!? They sell guns too, and probably cheaper than i would! lol

          Don't worry Chuloopa, we go to you for the wonderful service, and the knowledge that we aren't going to be accidentally shot in the leg by some stupid 16 year old who was forced into a job by their parents.
          You will always have business, so long as you remember to always deliver it with a smilegrimaceglarepoutbakeoffangerdisgustsnarlsuprise.

      I ended up recording mine using the video mode on a crappy little point-and-click camera, so I'm sure you could manage something.

      The secret, is that if all else fails, work in some self deprecating humour to make the viewers feel bad :P (No Shame! No Shame! No Shame!).

        I possibly would have given it a shot with stop motion if I had the time. This week has just been way too hellish for me to play around with anything though really :(

    Thanks so much! Really excited to give the full game a shot, I absolutely loved the demo.

    Congrats to all of the other winners too!

    Yay! Thanks for running another great comp Mark.
    I love seeing what everyone comes up with.

    It's been a busy/stressful couple of weeks leading into the end of the semester, so this is just an awesome way to top things off - thanks very much Mark :D

    And don't worry, Chuloopa: when the zombie apocalypse arrives, people can't afford to be cheap with weapons, lest the zombies eat them ;)

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Kotaku and Platinum games for putting this competition together.

    Serrells, nice work on running your first competition here at Kotaku... and I'm not just saying that because I won. Looking forward to more competitions in the future and getting stuck into Vanquish when it arrives.

    Hey Mark,
    I was just wondering when to expect an email so we can send off our addresses, or whatever it is you need.

    Thanks once again!

    oh heyy

    didnt even notice this was already up! since i didnt receive any email or anything.

    woohoo! thanks Mark!
    you probably haven't contacted us coz ur at a wedding or something? anyway thanks again!
    eagerly awaiting the game.

    hey guys,
    any of you been contacted yet?

    Yeah, I got an email from Mark on the 27th of October.

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