Vaporware Classic Wardevil Finally Put Out Of Its Misery

Wardevil was one of the first current-generation games to ever be shown off. That was back in 2005. Back when it could still be called an upcoming game. Now? We can call it a cancelled game.

London-based studio Ignition has finally pulled the plug on the ambitious title, which over the space of five years has gone from game to game + movie to, well, nothing.

While the game's cancellation won't kill off Ignition, the developer has had to shed around 30 staff following Wardevil's binning. Interestingly, Develop reports that Ignition CEO Vijay Chadha has gone AWOL, with "many staff, possibly all of them, unaware of his whereabouts" after a three-month absence.

Guess he couldn't bear to go down with his ship!

Five-year WarDevil project cancelled [Develop]


    Psst, i hear gearbox may be able to give you life wardevil

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