Watch Me Run My Tiny Game Studio Into The Ground

Watch Me Run My Tiny Game Studio Into The Ground
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Game Dev Story is a fantastically addictive game from Japanese developer Kairopark that has run you own mini Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft.

The game drops you into a startup studio that you get to name and has you make the calls on what to develop, who to hire, what to research, what to ship, what to can. It’s a surprisingly deep game that runs on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Here’s a look at the $5 game in action on my iPad. I’m sort of in love with all of the inside jokes.


  • You’re right. This game was a whole lot of fun. If anyone is wondering what they mean by “universal”, it’s not Apple’s definition. The game blows up 2x on iPad as you can see (it doesn’t look too bad) but it registers you’re on an iPad and gives you a different UI scheme.

    It’s not ideal but yeah, you’ll forget about it pretty quick.

  • Bah, I wish there was a PC version, this game looks AMAZING! 🙁

    Oh, and I watched the video ALL the way through… I deserve a prize! XD

  • As a budding game designer this has made me ultra-sads, as this was one of my only original ideas I’ve had in ages. Of course somebody else in the world always has your idea aswell, it’s just you know, my very own version of ” The Simpsons did it!”

  • I’ve heard good things about this game so I purchased it and have been playing it. If they ever do a sequel I think they could add a lot more depth in the way of –

    a) When you train them, have them away from the studio.
    b) It is too easy to just fire staff early on and hire talented staff. Upgrading initial staff isn’t rewarding.
    c) Give the little guys some more personality!
    d) Have who sitting next to who have some depth. Maybe a basic horoscope system or camaraderie meter. Or perhaps if a staff member bombs out they have reduced performance for a while.

    A) Maybe have a HR and Marketing Department. Ai) HR for making sure that you can develop skills inhouse for less money and quicker.
    Aii) Also make them able to make staff work together more productively. (Sensitivity training)
    Aiii)Develop their headhunting skills to get the best of the best and outsourced area for cheaper.
    B) Marketing can ensure you can do more effective marketing cheaper.

    Yeah, I’m getting too in-depth for ideas for a company that will likely never hear them!

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