Watch StarCraft II Being Controlled By An IPhone

In August, we told you about an app that would let StarCraft II players control the game using their iPhone or iPad. Now we're showing it to you.

Dan Hellerman's RTS Gameboard for StarCraft II was supposed to see release last month but missed the mark due to some play testing and optimisation. Now it's due out sometime this month, and Hellerman has released a video of the app in action to give players something to look forward to.

Is it worth looking forward to? It's definitely technically impressive, but as many have pointed out, it's pretty useless when it comes to fast-paced competitive play. So far, the most impressive feature, according to one of the players that regularly orbits Kotaku Tower, is the ability to add a unit to a specific group in a speedy fashion, rather than selecting a group, adding a unit to the selection, and then re-saving the selection.

The app definitely speaks of the potential of future interactivity between the PC and devices like the iPhone and iPad.

RTS Gameboard for StarCraft II [Official Website]


    Don't worry, he'll be sued by Blizzard shortly.

    The lag is unbearable. I can't imagine people willing to pay money, jump through all the set-up loopholes to deliberately hamstring their game.

    It'll be like trying to play SC2 with hotkeys and control groups while wearing oven mitts.

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