What Are We Playing This Weekend?

What Are We Playing This Weekend?

Over at the Kotaku Meeting, we floated the idea of a Kotaku AU Gaming Club, where we’d pick out something more retro, or perhaps just not super-recent, play it over the weekend and talk about it afterwards. It’s something I’d love to get started this weekend, but I’ve got to feed the 5 inch Floppy as well, so I figure tomorrow we’ll keep it simple by setting up server and having a chilled game of Counter-Strike: Source.

Some Kotaku AU members will obviously be better than others, so rather than think of this as a competition, think of it as a community event. A chance to hang out with & get to know your fellow Kotakuers. And of course, kill them repeatedly.

Now, unfortunately, seeing as there’s two Grand Finals this weekend, this will probably conflict with some peoples’ plans. Kick off should be at about 2.30pm, so how about I set up a server at around 1pm, post the IP in this thread, and let’s all play for about an hour? Keep in mind this is the first time we’ve done this, so I’ve got no idea what the demand will be like.

Polish your Deagles and AWPs. Hope to see you tomorrow!


  • I’ll probably be playing some Reach. Maybe a bit of Dead Rising 2 and God of War 3. I’ll def spend a bit of time on WoW.

  • I’ll be playing my new 360 and going through my games again seeing as how the upgrade means I lost all my saves and the like.
    But I care not a jot, I just went from a 20GB starting 360 to one of the new 250GB ones and my god the difference it makes straight away.
    I plan on having much fun this weekend and, if it means “accidently” missing the ICC planned on WoW on Sunday.. oops? 🙂

  • I’m going to try and finish Red Dead this weekend.

    Also; am sadpanda that I cannot join in the Counterstrike-y goodness… but I don’t have a pc worth-a-damn.
    Oh well, maybe next time.

  • I started my 72 hours in Dead Rising 2. Amd now at around 48 Remaining. That was last week. Got to survive this weekend… My Daughter needs Zombrex(tm)… Tired of carrying ppl to safety..
    .. Needs more chainsaw…

  • I’ll finish off Legendary Solo on Reach (if I don’t die of a heart attack), and get into Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, which came in the mail today (101cd, I love you!).

  • Chilling with Disgaea 2 for the PSP. Got back into it after a haitus when I saw a video of a player on Disgaea 3 doing 1.1 QUADRILLION damage.

  • Civ 5

    Toying with the thought of picking up the new Guitar Hero, but I mean, like Civ 5 isn’t capable of hogging all my time, and Guitar Hero is the sort of game that will be offered in stupid discount packages sooner rather than later.

  • I’m gonna be playing some Starcraft 2 still, TF2 (yay for update!), but I’ll see if I can join in on the Counter Strike goodness.

  • I will be killing zombies in Dead Rising 2 & having lunch with my family. here’s hoping i don’t get the 2 things confused, thank’s to my lack of sleep this week because of late nights killing zombies..

  • Server is booked at

    Just in case it doesn’t work, check back here and we’ll invade a pub server. We may also do that if people can’t get in. But barring that, I’ll see you in a bit for some Gungame 😉

  • Ah, looks like the server went down 7 mins early or so? Not working for me any more. Looked like a good map for Gungame, too.

    Anyways, gg’s guys, let us know if you have any ideas for future stuff 🙂

  • That was fun for the short time i was in. Helps if I read the topic properly. Thought kick off at 2.30 was for the server, not the stupid Grand Finals.

    Would love to see some TF2 next time.

    PS. I’ll get you next time Jungipoo (Nemesis)… Next Time!

  • Oh, it did crash? Things went a bit odd just before, and I’m talking seconds, I left.. That’s a shame. I read the “Kick off” part the same as Resonance, too. =\

    But, yes, was certainly good fun. Would defiantly come along again. Maybe CoD4, TF2, BF2 or BC2 sometime in the future? F.E.A.R Combat, maybe?

    Anyhoo, cheers for setting it up! 🙂

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